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Why were Corn Flakes invented?

Cornflakes are a popular western breakfast meal that consists of processed grains that are widely spread around the world. William Kellogg created the cereal, originally made from wheat, in 1894 for his brother John Kellogg. 

Description of corn flakes

Corn flakes are a coated grain product that consists of roasted baby corn flakes and served cold with milk or sugar.

Flavors were added to the chips with salt, sugar, and malt, and many successive products with additional ingredients were made such as frosted sugar flakes, honey, walnuts, and cornflakes.

the description

Place of origin:

United States of America

Created by:

John Harvey Kellogg (1894)

OK. Kellogg

Main components:

Milled corn, sugar, barley flavoring

The idea Of corn flakes

The idea of ​​cornflakes began with a coincidence when John Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg left some ground wheat and went to the sanatorium.

 When they returned, finding the wheat had faded, they continued to process it by forcing it onto the rollers, hoping to get a tall cube of dough. To their surprise, what they found instead was potato chips, which they roasted and served to their patients.

In 1906, Will Keith Kellogg decided to add sugar to the chips to make them more acceptable to customers, but this caused a rift between him and his brother.

Generic brands of corn flakes

There are several generic brands of cornflakes that are produced by different manufacturers